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Why Video Marketing Is Important On Social Media

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Why Video Marketing Is Important On Social Media

While traditional forms of marketing aren’t as effective as they once were, those who are seeing success by using digital marketing may be neglecting key strategies to accelerate their growth.

Every day, advertisers target users with sponsored posts while they scroll on Instagram, Facebook, and other social media platforms. There are more image ads being displayed on Facebook every day mainly because more businesses are going online and more advertisers are joining.

As more businesses use Facebook for marketing campaigns, it will become more expensive to advertise through Facebook’s auctioning algorithm, and it will be more difficult to capture attention from consumers on social media. Let us share three powerful reasons why video marketing is so important as well as how you can improve your results with less marketing spending.

  1. Capture attention quickly.

The number of advertisers competing for attention is staggering. In today’s world of social media, pictures alone aren’t enough to get attention. Unlike photo content, which our brain skims through, video content holds our attention 5x longer than photos.

You need to capture people’s attention in the first split second of your campaign so they stop scrolling through their feeds and pay attention to your brand. According to Facebook Marketing Partners, users spend an average of 1.3 seconds on each post in their news feed. Therefore, we have a mere split second to capture our audience and hold their attention.

We like to grab attention quickly by placing our most captivating elements – often including movement – in the first few seconds. We achieve this by incorporating our brand identity early, hooking users with our most engaging content, and choosing attention-grabbing video thumbnails. Most companies overlook this element. Often, advertisers think their content looks great, but will it grab someone’s attention as they scroll through social media? It is important to stand out and push through the competition while staying consistent with the branding and messaging.

  1. Optimize ad spend.

Online video marketing is one of the most cost-effective ways to reach out to people. By paying for video views, you get the best bang for your buck when it comes to brand exposure. In our company, we know that the most cost-effective way to target prospective clients on social media is through video view campaigns.

  1. Retarget viewers by viewing thresholds.

For marketers running paid video campaigns, Facebook offers a golden nugget in that they can retarget specific viewers based on the length of time they spent watching video content. It is built directly into the Facebook Ads Manager platform, making it possible to retarget users without installing a cookie on a website.

It’s a really big deal for advertisers. This is not only because you can show your first video ad to people who have watched your first video for a while, but also because you can show your second video ad only to those who have watched your first, etc. We know from watching three to five seconds of video that the user is likely qualified and ready for direct response advertising after they have watched at least 10 seconds of video. After potential clients have watched videos one through five, we can assume they are warm up, know more about our brand, and we can advertise to them OTO (one-time offers), LTO (limited time offers), and more direct response campaigns that drive revenue.

That’s it: three solid reasons why video marketing matters for social media. Keep these tips in mind to stand out among all the noise and competition and start incorporating video content into your marketing campaigns. As a result, video marketing on social media is important as it helps capture attention, allows for remarketing based on past viewing thresholds, and is more cost-effective overall.